Safety & Innovation

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Health and Safety

We prioritise compliance with health, safety, environmental and quality obligations at the heart of everything we do. We operate in several industries which each have their own legislation, regulations, standards and best practice.

Our behavioural based safety culture, in which every person takes responsibility for their own actions compliments our investment in safety & health. We encourage and invest in innovation, especially where safety can be improved.


Environmental Approach

Primequip considers the purchasing of new machines which have a low environmental impact a high priority.

Society places a great social awareness on environmental preservation and reducing your environmental footprint, thus creating a larger demand for worksites to use fuel efficient machinery.

Primequip proactively purchase the latest model machines with new technology and emissions that meet or excel the current emission standards and contribute to a healthier bottom line for our clients. With our new Liebherr machines, clients can achieve up to 25-30% reduced fuel consumption and emissions with assured high quality results, safety and efficiency.


Smart QR Code System

Primequip have launched an innovative QR code system on the machines within our fleet to allow clients ease of access to comprehensive information about the machine they have hired.

Clients of Primequip will be able to access health and safety, service history, instructional use of equipment manuals, and the maintenance and repair information for that machine. We hope that in time, we can add tutorial maintenance videos which will reduce the down time of machines and increase productivity.

This innovative system removes the need for paperwork and provides an ease of mind that no documents can be lost or destroyed. All documents can be accessed by a touch of a button. The only requirements include a smart phone/device with a camera that can scan QR codes.

Machine Safety/Technology

Primequip have installed a Rear Personnel Detection system, with Brake assist on all of the new Liebherr Wheeled Loaders, ensuring safety first for both operator, and personnel working nearby.

The active personnel detection system monitors the rear area of the wheel loader and automatically warns the operator of dangers by means of a visual symbol on the display and an acoustic signal.

Another aid for avoiding collisions is the brake assistant.

With the aid of the latest camera technology, the system distinguishes between people and objects without the people needing to be equipped with transponders or sensors.

This makes the Liebherr system one of the safest currently on the market.

If a person is located in the rear shunting area of the wheel loader, the intelligent system alerts the operator earlier than in the case of stationary objects. This means that unnecessary warning signals are avoided and the strain on the operator is reduced. This targeted warning with supporting braking function helps prevent personal injury and reduces the risk of accidents. At the same time, safe and comfortable working is ensured.

For even safer machine operation, the warnings can also be evaluated by LiDAT in an intuitive incident map.